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Emelie Kundrun, Actress: Hanni & Nanni. Emelie Kundrun was born in in Berlin, Germany. She is an actress, known for Hanni & Nanni (), Zeiten. 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei. Emelie Ziegler is an actress, known for Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei (), Wilsberg () and So Fern So Nah (​). Emilie Kurz, Actress: Der letzte Mann. Emilie Kurz was born on July 17, She was an actress, known for The Last Laugh (), Tötet nicht mehr () and. Emelie Feld, Actress: 00 Schneider - Jagd auf Nihil Baxter. Emelie Feld is an actress, known for 00 Schneider - Jagd auf Nihil Baxter (). Emelie Kundrun was born in in Berlin, Germany. She is an actress, known for Hanni & Nanni (), Zeiten ändern Dich () and Der.

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Emilie Kurz, Actress: Der letzte Mann. Emilie Kurz was born on July 17, She was an actress, known for The Last Laugh (), Tötet nicht mehr () and. Help CenterContributor ZonePolls · For Industry Professionals. All. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords; Advanced Search · Watchlist · Sign In. Martin Kleefeld. Rüdiger Vogler Johann Kuhl. Emelie Kundrun Sarah Kleefeld (as Emilie Kundrun). Benjamin Seidel Nils Kleefeld. Tamara Simunovic. User Reviews. HoetzelIna Siefert. But now they have the chance to make up for it, because their favorite Avengers Infinity Deutsch Ganzer from back then is going on tour. Parents Guide. Mademoiselle Bertoux Oliver Pocher Parents Guide. A loving father and husband is exorted by an unknown guy and he is about to lose his life, his money and his family. Yvonne Bressin Franziska Hartmann Learn more More Like This. Oktavia as Emilie Kundrun Eva Haushofer Go here in to vote. Think, 007 Schauspieler for metacritic. She calls Jacob to the bathroom and asks him for a new tampon, as she's on her period. I'll start from the beginning. Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved 27 September Officer Morton Thomas Bair It has most success in these repeatedly quiet yet alarming moments as the cast deliver a good performance. It's not a psychological thriller, it's a movie portraying feasible and explicit child abuse with a bunch of completely illogical wanna be thriller elements thrown in.

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SOLITГ¤R WINDOWS 10 Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Sophia Münster Stella Danowski. Click the following article Details Country: Germany. Adventure Family.
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What's your phone number? How do I link to a specific page on your site? So when she shows up they would have known it was not the person they were expecting.

Then they had several opportunities they or at least the two oldest could have escaped. The oldest girl hugs Maggie, their real babysitter when she visits and slip her a note.

I felt they could have tried to do more. Then when the oldest brother actually got out of the house instead of going to a neighbor he goes to this dweeb friend whose a kid too who guilt him about leaving his siblings behind, duh, then he should had told his friend he was stupid and useless and went and got a grown up.

Also she cuts the power to a house she never been in and maneuver with a flashlight like she lived there. This girl isn't that much bigger than the kids, I saw a few times the older brother could have pushed down the stairs.

The fact is why didn't she just take the younger boy that she wanted when she first got there and not bother actually playing babysitter.

Instead of having her "Partner in crime" watch and hinder the parents. He could have been there picking up her and the boy she wanted.

This would have been a better movie if she had said she was going to the store take the youngest, tell the oldest to watch his sister and never took the boy back.

Let the movie been about something else. The last irritation is who gets up and walk from a car rolling over them twice. Meaning first it hit you and roll with the back wheels backing up then the front wheels?

No one even if they don't die on the spot but a girl weighing ninety five to a buck five. Makes it to contrive to enjoy the potential it had because the acting was good overall.

Watch it if it's. HorrorOverEverything 9 March The flick started interesting enough, had me intrigued right off the bat, however from there it just kind of slows down and starts following the exact same path that many other similar movies have.

As the babysitter's intentions become clear the movie got kind of bland, I just didn't really care about most of the stuff that was going on.

It wasn't all bad, I thought the cast did a really good job, especially the child actors who all gave very realistic performances and succeeded at not really being annoying or obnoxious at all.

There were a few memorable scenes as well, one that was really unintentionally funny in my opinion. It's just the whole thing has a very bland and familiar atmosphere that prevents it from being anything more than just another lower budget horror movie.

Unfortunately for me I don't like to do that. It you stop and think about the whole story for a second you'll quickly realise none of it makes a whole lot of sense.

Without spoiling any character's motives, I'll just say that there isn't a lot of common sense or reasoning going on, most of which is lacking in order to stretch this movie out to an already short 80 minute run time.

The writing in thrillers is rarely perfect, but there has to be a limit to the amount of absurdity and foolishness you can accept.

It's not all bad though. Sarah Bolger in the lead role did a fantastic job. She had an eerie creepiness about her character, while always keeping some charisma in the mix.

The children also did a very good job, giving performances that were above average. Often in these types of movies the kids become annoying very quickly and ruin the experience, but that was never the case here.

There was some potential behind all this that I think has been squandered with some sloppy writing in parts. Director Michael Thelin in his first film did a fine job with what he had to work with and can keep his head up.

Tweak the script here and there and you'd have yourself a very fine thriller. Like many others, I was initially drawn in by Emelie's transformation from perfect babysitter to weird creep to total nightmare.

I even found her motivation, once it was revealed, to be totally fine and believable. It wasn't a groundbreaking twist, but the concept and eerie beginning alone are enough to make this a unique movie.

Sarah Bolger also did a great job as the sinister and deceptive conwoman. However, I just couldn't get past the multiple plotholes, which were made even more egregious by the fact that they were so easily solvable see below if you want to see my rant about the plotholes.

I was annoyed and yelling at my screen by the time the movie ended, and the bizarre, tortured and yet somehow extremely boring climax didn't help.

In the beginning, Emelie appears to disconnect the answering machine, but not the phone which is a plothole on top of a plothole--I thought it was the phone at first, but the mom calls later and at least two of the phones are still connected, so They never try anything except to make one sad attempt to pass the other babysitter, Maggie, a note.

There's no reason why they couldn't have just blurted out "Help! Their unwillingness to speak up wasn't at all believable.

Maybe if Emelie had been holding the gun behind her back to scare them into silence, it would have been, but they definitely had the upper hand in that moment with Maggie standing right at the door.

Anyway, even when Jake escapes the house and meets up with his friend, neither boy bothers to find an adult, which defies all sense.

Their neighborhhod was FULL of people. I can't for the life of me figure out why the writer didn't just have them live out in the country, and, perhaps, make the other boy's house far enough away that running home and alerting his mom would take long enough to allow for the denouement.

Would have been an easy fix. Sadly, in this world, there are way easier ways to steal or even to buy a child. I find it hard to believe Emelie wouldnt't have just stolen or bought a baby instead of putting herself through the trouble of finding out someone's babysitting plans, kidnapping and killing their real replacement, faking her identity, and then terrorizing a bunch of kids just to steal a boy who was already old enough to remember his real parents.

I could buy it if I believed that Emelie was sufficiently nuts and obsessed with Christopher, but her weak explanation of her backstory as a bedtime story didn't convince me that she was that insane.

Her friend tries to buy her time by crashing his car into the parents' taxi and killing himself. How does he expect her to escape with Christopher without him and the car to help her?

Is he daft? He couldn't have just tapped the damn bumper and then gotten out and made a huge fake fuss?

He couldn't have flagged them down and pretended to need a jump? Hell, he even could have tried to pretend to be the taxi! And he had the real replacement babysitter's body in his trunk, which, if anything, would immediately alert the cops that something was amiss at the house and send them straight there, giving Emelie LESS time.

It made absolutely no sense. The other holes I could live with, but these disappointed me because they would have been so simple to address.

It was just too much for me. Anyway, that's it. Rant over. GusToby 4 March I didn't think there was anything more that could be done with the evil babysitter genre and, on reflection, I was probably right.

On the other hand there were two or three clever scenes I've not seen before but nothing that had me gripping the edge of my seat.

The saddest part of the movie was the sequel-begging ending. I'm sorry, but even though cast and crew gave of their best there is nothing here I want to see again.

If, like me, you downloaded this for nothing, you might be entertained late-night after a few drinks but I wouldn't pay to see it and I will certainly not be awaiting the next instalment.

Emilie who is superbly portrayed by Sarah Bolger is a disturbingly audacious psychotic who deceives her way into the home of a family of 5, as the babysitter, for the parents who are off out for their wedding anniversary celebration dinner.

It appears that Emilie has spent some considerable time planning this deception, along with her co-conspirator boyfriend.

We already know they are planning something far more malicious than theft of goods due to the crime committed in first scene, which according to some reviews is not central to the plot.

It is very central to the plot, the plot needs careful observation in this movie. We do not see how they planned their crimes, but we do get to see why they planned their crimes in the old stalwart of the movies, the flashbacks.

Evil to the core, the expected mindful guardianship expected by the childrens parents is recklessly abandoned by Emilie and replaced with a calous ambivilence to the childrens morality, enthusiastically enticing the children into doing what their parents would not only not allow, but would be horrified upon discovering what they had been enticed to do.

Enticement soon turns to brazen bullying, which includes both that which is pyshically violenct and that which is mentally and morally obscene.

Jacob superbly portrayed by Joshua Rush as the eldest of the siblings at 11 years old, having been unable to contact A flaw in the plot , or receive help from any adults, is left with the ardous task of getting his siblings and himself safely away from their aggressor.

The plot has perhaps a few too many flaws in it to make for a credible plot, such as the house having a telephone extension which Emilie appears to have not noticed.

Jacob could have called his parents, his neighbour or even , having had for much of the time, plenty of opportunities to do so. It is an intense and disturbing thriller from start to finish, despite it's obvious flaws in the plot.

I would have judged a higher score if the said flaws had been better thought out. I made an account just to warn people about how awful this movie was.

The entire premise is ridiculous. Why would she sit around doing random things to these random children, instead of drugging them and taking the baby immediately after the parents left?

Bam whole movie over in five minutes. You can tell most of the things in this film were only added for shock factor and not to actually contribute to the story in any way.

Just awful. Initially I thought this film was going to be great, it was unusual, and very different.

The atypical babysitter under siege horror this was not, so I applaud them for twisting the original format. Unfortunately after a bright start, where you were left wondering what on Earth was going on, it just fell really flat, the plot made virtually no sense, I mean how on Earth did she know she'd end up there?

What was the point in the entire charade? It makes no sense. At times I thought the script was a little tasteless to say the least, putting kids through what she did was unnecessary at times, I didn't care much for it.

So it's a real mixed bag, a great idea, but unfortunately the execution was poor, the acting was great and the production values were strong.

Sarah Bolger was the best thing about it. Too many wasted opportunities. If you've seen and enjoyed McG's film The Babysitter, check out Emelie from two years earlier, a nifty little shocker that also sees a young lad having to do battle with a child minder who is up to no good.

The nutty babysitter in this case is Anna Sarah Bolger , who starts to act weird as soon as the kids' parents leave the house, searching the rooms, breaking into the family security box, asking eleven year old Jacob Joshua Rush to pass her a tampon while she is sat on the loo, and allowing the children to draw on the walls.

As the evening draws on, Anna gets progressively loopy, feeding Sally's hamster to Jacob's pet python, playing a most unsuitable video for the children, and reading little Christopher Thomas Bair a very strange bedtime story about a young woman whose mind cracks after she accidentally kills her baby.

It turns out that Anna is actually called Emelie and that she intends to take Christopher as a replacement for her dead infant.

With competent direction from Michael Thelin, natural performances from the three children and an extremely chilling turn from Bolger as a total whack job, this is, for the most part, a very effective and sometimes rather disturbing thriller, which is only let down by a somewhat weak payoff that feels like a set up for a sequel.

So many disturbing situations in this film. Whenever you mix kids into a movie, it can either get creepy Children of the Corn , or you feel really bad for the manipulated children, which was the case for this film.

Sarah Bolger does an excellent job going from nice girl next door to psycho babysitter. And all the kids do a great job too, especially Thomas Bair, who plays the littlest brother, Christopher.

I wouldn't classify this one as horror, but more as a psychological thriller. Although it didn't have a lot of tension, I still was transfixed, waiting to see what fresh hell Emelie would do to the children next.

I really enjoyed it, and would have given it five stars, but there were some holes in the plot that were pretty big especially towards the end , and a couple of things that weren't really explained.

There are scenes that involve sexual situations with the children, that may really be a trigger for some folks. If this is you, you may want to skip this one.

But otherwise, I say give this one a watch. It was scary from the point-of-view of the parents, thinking about what could be going on at home with your kids when you're out.

It raises a lot of questions about how reliable people really are. Sarah Bolger is good in the role.

She made me feel uncomfortable. The kids were amazing. They seemed very natural, as if they weren't acting. Some of the stuff is hard to watch.

It's cruel and all I could do was think about how much therapy those kids will need to get over it. The video tape scene made me want to barf.

Some parts are contrived and make absolutely no sense, like the car accident. Why would the boyfriend be willing to kill himself and risk getting caught with a body in the trunk?

He could have caused a much less violent accident which would have kept the parents away. That was just stupid. The ending? What does that mean I hope not.

It's a one-timer. It seems these days all I do is write reviews trashing movies. If a movie is good, then great, no need to come here and try and help my fellow users warning them to avoid it like the plague.

But in the case of the truly terrible movies which somehow have decent enough reviews and ratings to sucker me in, that I then watch and wish I could get the 2 hours of my life back I feel COMPELLED to come here and give them bad reviews in the hope of convincing others NOT to waste their time.

So on to the the movie, with a couple of spoilers if indeed it is even possible to spoil something with no twists, turns or tension : Good horror needs somewhat realistic situations, with people doing somewhat realistic things, that we would all do which then fail, or are thwarted by the villain.

Think Nightmare on Elm St from the s. OK the whole thing takes place in a dream, with a long dead killer stalling the kids through their nightmares.

This is utterly unbelievable, but the characters try and survive and battle Freddy in a realistic way. And the more he outsmarts them or the worse things get the more the terror mounts.

Advance Publications. Okay, last one, I promise. Archived from the original on 12 February Unfortunately for me I don't like to do. Clarke rose to prominence for her breakthrough role link Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO Apollo Kino television series Game of Thrones —

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Color: Color. The Turncoat Language: German. Andreas Finzel Albrecht Ganskopf Jule Sullivan Katharina Thalbach Susanne Thomson Hedi Kriegeskotte Keep track of Werbeblocker Safari you watch; tell your friends. Emelie Imdb Help CenterContributor ZonePolls · For Industry Professionals. All. All Titles TV Episodes Celebs Companies Keywords; Advanced Search · Watchlist · Sign In. Rebecca Emilie Sattrup, Actress: Skammerens datter. Rebecca Emilie Sattrup was born on November 29, in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is an actress. Rüdiger Hack. Zoe Thurau Jenny. Aleen Jana Kötter Erika. Lisa Vicari Suse. Ricarda Zimmerer Kathrin. Emelie Kundrun Oktavia (as Emilie Kundrun). Emelie Daubner Mareile Iwoleit. Claudiu Mark Draghici Lieferant. Andreas Döhler Andreas Finzel. Albrecht Ganskopf Mitarbeiter der Hausverwaltung. Martin Kleefeld. Rüdiger Vogler Johann Kuhl. Emelie Kundrun Sarah Kleefeld (as Emilie Kundrun). Benjamin Seidel Nils Kleefeld. Tamara Simunovic. Rate This. It's a jungle out there for Blu, Jewel and click to see more three kids after they're hurtled from Rio de Janeiro to the wilds of the Amazon. Mareile Iwoleit Claudiu Mark Draghici Plot Keywords. A loving father and husband is exorted https://entrepreneurking.co/kostenlos-filme-schauen-stream/descendants-2-stream-kkiste.php an unknown guy and he is more info to lose his life, his money and his family. Use the HTML . Alternate Versions. Juliane Kostner Tina Ruland Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV just click for source streaming on Netflix this month. Mitarbeiter der Hausverwaltung Wolf Gerlach The murder victim obviously belonged to a group trying to source abandoned places. External Sites. Oktavia as Emilie Kundrun Eva Haushofer Movies I've seen. Release Dates. Two frustrated patrolmen take on a criminal clan. Johann Kuhl Emelie Kundrun Was this review helpful to you? External Sites.


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